What Writers and Non-Writers See

In many ways, writers and non-writers are exactly the same. Just, one of them finishes writing a book, and one of them doesn’t. However, I would argue that there is a major difference between the way we look at things. Call it creativity or just plain insanity, I don’t know.

WARNING: Severe pessimism to follow! (It’s one of those days…)

Book Shops
Non-Writers – A lovely place to treat yourself to a bit of reading material.
Writers – A place where books and authors go to show off the fact that they have been published (and you haven’t – meanies.)

Amazon Market Place
Non-writers – A god-send of cheap booksk.
Writers – A tempting fate where you can (all too easily) self-publish your book and then watch hours of hard work shrivel into one, measily unvisited link on the internet.

The Library
Non-Writers – A lovely place to treat yourself to a bit of reading material.
Writers – A place where books go to die.

A Cafe
Non-Writers – Somewhere for a nice cuppa.
Writers – A second home where all work, people watching and nervous breakdowns happens.

The Fridge
Non-Writers – A place to store food.
Writers – A living, talking distraction that constantly lures you to its fate.

The Television
Non-Writers – A well-earned treat at the end of your day.
Writers – A mish-mash of words interrupting your creative consciousness, turning everything you write into something similar to the last programme you just watched. Darn you, Come Dine With Me!

The Gym
Non-writers – A place to exercise and keep fit.
Writers – A place to run away from your plot holes.

Non-writers – A place for a good snooze.
Writers – A place where all your best story ideas are created and then frustratingly, promptly erased.

Non-Writers – A book for shopping lists, notes and reminders.
Writers – A book for only the most sacred, wonderful ideas, that so rarely appear that the pad is rendered useless. (And yet, buying notebooks is still a major addiction for many writers.)

Watt Pad
Non-writers – A spelling mistake? Who knows what it is.
Writers – A place where writers go to show how under-appreciated they are.

Writing Competitions
Non-writers – Probably a good chance for promotion and feedback.
Writers – Life and death!!!

Book Clubs
Non-Writers – A place to meet up with friends and chat about a hobby.
Writers – A place to slaughter the books you love, and then feel really guilty afterwards about taking your own writing stress out on another author…

Non-writers – A great site for catching up on media, news and happenings.
Writers – A place where all creativity it crushed into 140 characters of bad punctuation and grammar.

Non-Writers – No idea. A place where my writer friends hang out, I think.
Writers – A second (sometimes first) social hub.

J. K. Rowling
Non-Writers – The wonderful writer of Harry Potter.
Writers – The American Writers’ Dream.

50 Shades of Grey
Non-Writers – An entertaining, but not brilliantly written, soft core porn novel.
Writers – Hope that we only have to edit our drafts once.

Non-Writers – A place to have a couple of bevvies.
Writers – A place that you’re not entirely sure is real because everything exciting happens there in fiction and nothing exciting happens ther in real life.

Non-Writers – A handy way to search for answers and information.
Writers – A piece of technology that is secretly plotting against you, hypnotising you with Facebook and Twitter.

Non-Writers – A useful tool for finding alternative words.
Writers – A important piece of our brain that was accidentally left out and therefore has to be on-hand in book form, at all times.


5 thoughts on “What Writers and Non-Writers See

  1. As a writer, I view the TV as “Research” in Characterisation and Dialogue. It’s an extension of the whole learning-to-write-by-reading-thing and means I have a legitimate reason for sitting with my stitching in front of a box-set…

      1. Passive learning – just because you don’t know its worth at the time, doesn’t mean you haven’t learned it and can’t use it later…That’s my theory, anyway!

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