Day #28 – Laughs and Giggles

I only have two more days left of this writing challenge, hurrah! Back-track here, or start your own here. Today I’m sharing my questionable sense of humour.


1. Reminiscing Over Ridiculous Stories

All those memories, that were once horrifically embarrassing and unbearably crings at the time, are now laughable! (Thank goodness for that.) I particularly love sharing old highschool stories or being reminded of childhood blunders by my parents.

2. My Mum’s Attempts At Remembering Lyrics
These have been cracking me up for years.

3. People Falling Over

… Or tripping, or slipping, or nodding off and hitting their head. Generally people making a fool of themselves or hurting themselves. (Not too hurt, of course.) This never gets old!

4. My Dad’s Terrible ‘Dad Jokes’
You know the ones I mean. They’re so bad, they’re good.

5. Kids Films
There’s just that perfect combination of immature jokes, hilarious facial expression and subtle ‘grown-up jokes’. What’s not to love!?


11 thoughts on “Day #28 – Laughs and Giggles

            1. Novel writing land can be like that but it can also be a nice place. You write well and it sounds like you have lots of inspiration around you. Go explore novel writing land :-)

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