16 Realisations You Have During A ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’

People often laugh at the idea of middle-aged men having a mid-life crises; buying a sports car, dating a younger woman and wearing an inappropriate silk shirt. In fact, I used to laugh at it myself. That was until I exprienced something startlingly similar myself… the quarter-life crisis. Except, in my case, I bought a motorbike, tried to become self-employed and attempted to become vegetarian. Potato potato.

In previous generations people had things sorted by their mid-twenties; marriage, kids, careers, houses, etc. Now, we’re all just wandering around aimlessly, making bad decisions and hoping something will work out. That’s not just me right? Anyway here’s a few realisations I’ve had along the way.

1. My qualifications mean nothing.

Turns out I studied somewhat-hard for a qualification that no one understands/recognises/cares about. Mm, thanks for the good advice society!

2. I’m massively in debt.

Yes, I mean, BIG debt. If I was in a Western movie, people would be chasing me from all over town.

3. I still haven’t worked out my ‘look’.

I used to have fashion down! You couldn’t go wrong with an entire wardrobe from Top Shop or H&M. Now things seem to be more complicated… I’ve got to have a ‘work wardrobe’, a ‘casual wardrobe’ and a ‘partying wardrobe’ all of which are somehow meant to fit into one personality. HOW!?

4. Who even am I!?

Cue doing numerous personality and careers finder tests.

5. Did I just experience a nervous breakdown?

Yes? Okay, well those have been happening a lot then…

6. Whoops, another bad decision!

It’s okay, it’s not like I have bills or responsibilities or… Oh wait.

7. Coupledom is confusing.

If you’re in a relationship you’re questioning if you’re still two independent people rather than one merged couple. And, if you’re not in a relationship then you’re questioning if you’re enough of a person to meet another… Can’t we all just be whole, singular but also dating human-beings!?!?

8. When did people start getting married?

Someone just got married who is my age… MY AGE! No more need to be said.

9. Aren’t I meant to have a ‘career’ by now?

Everyone keeps asking me what I’m ‘doing’. Well, I’m grasping at any opportunity, paid or unpaid, that is vaguely in my desired industry (whatever that is) and generally being rejected. Loving iiit!

10. Even work is like high-school.

Just as I thought I’d escaped, it turns out that everything and everywhere is still a little bit like high-school.

11. I can say ’10-years-ago’ and it makes sense.


12. I like being settled.

For all the mid-twentiers who haven’t had their quarter-life crisis yet… I’m actually quite comfortable not clubbing/getting smashed/embarrassing myself in public.

13. No one knows what they’re doing!

Even ‘real adults’. I know that! You know that! So why do people keep saying it comes with experience!?

14. I get important letters and stuff like that.

I know how to pay bills, and contact the council and I write complaints now…

15. People keep calling me a ‘woman’ and ‘girl’.

I keep looking behind me to see if they’re talking about someone else. Nope, it’s me.

Everything Bridgett Jones said was right.

How has it taken so long to realise her genius!?

9 thoughts on “16 Realisations You Have During A ‘Quarter-Life Crisis’

  1. So relate to the “10 years ago” thing, especially with colleagues being a whole decade younger…

  2. Very interesting read. I remember back in that time in my life. It gets better, and the joke on us all is that the older you get, the more you realize you don’t know. I am still asking questions about life now and finding new answers. Wait until you can say 30 years ago I remember………… Great writing, made me laugh a little this morning, so thank you very much.

  3. Haha! So true. Especially 12. Everyone in grad school is like “partyyy!!” (and they’re all older than me) and I’m like “I just want to sleeep! Or read a boook!” :P

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