18 Gifts for Writers and Readers (Hint Hint)

So, today I got into a bit of an online shopping rut. The only way I could pry myself away was to blog about it. That way, I would feel that I earned the right to treat myself to one of the items at the end of the day… Clever right? ;) Now, let’s all pretend that we’re looking at these presents for someone else, rather than for ourselves.


1. Oscar Wilde Postcards

Literary Emporium – £3.50
Not only will your recipient appreciate the fact that you wrote to them, they won’t be able to resist a good literary quote.

2. Book Cover Mug

The Literary Gift Company – £8.99
There’s something oddly great about those plain covered penguin classics.

3. Invisible Floating Bookshelf

Not On The Highstreet – £20
For people with books upon books of books that want to put their books on books :/

4. Novel Teas

Writers Gifts – £7.90
Each tea bag is individually labelled with a different literary quote, so you can always enjoy some light reading on your tea break.

5. Stamped Vintage Spoon Bookmark

The Faded Nest – £11.50
An adorably honest (and pretty) bookmark.

6. Greatest Adventure Journal

Bookishly – £13.00
For the travellers, jet-setters and weekend-away-getters amongst us.

7. Library Due Date Tie

Cyberoptix – £20
For smartly dressed gents who still want to show off their love for books.

8. Embroidered Book Clutch

Ally Ebdon Designs – £277
This ones just to dream about as it’s way over budget. I had to include it though, it’s just so nice!

9. Pride and Prejudice Book Necklace

Neverland Jewelry – £16
For readers who want to keep their favourite book close to their heart.

10. Book Lover Tee and Tools of the Trade Tee

Threadless – £16
Terrific t-shirts baring the marks of readers and writers.

11. Spotted Exercise Book

Papier Tigre – £8.50
For those who only want the most stylish of exercise books. Check out PT’s website for more!

12. Bossy Fridge Magnet

Cafe Press – £3
For the procrastinators and snackers.

13. ‘The Catcher in the Rye’ Earrings

Designs By Annette – £11.50
*Tries to think of puns to do with reading and ears…* They’re just nice earrings, alright!?

14. Woodland Hand-Stitched Journal

Paperchase – £10
Basically all Paperchase notebooks will go down well; embroidered, canvas covered, moleskin, the list goes on. Drool.

15. ‘Alice in Wonderland’ Phone Case

Chick Lit Designs – £19
For those that want to coat everything they own in literary-ness.

16. Author Quote Bookmarks

Ryan Sheffield – £3
For readers who just can’t get enough of words, now you can fit even more words into your books.

17. Instant Writer Tote and Typewriter Tote

image image
Zazzle – £9.95
For writers who fill their bags with writerly stuff; laptop, numerous notebooks, pens, highlighters, reading, etc.

18. Dr. Seuss Quote Calligraphy

Jazz Stan Artworks – £15.50
This beauty was made by a friend from university, have a look at her Etsy page for more gorgeous quotes and pictures.


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