Internet Findings of the Week

Today I want to share a few great blogs, articles and general-internet-stuffs that I’ve read this week. There’s so much good stuff out there and I just want to share a few of my favourite finds!


Fiction of the Week
SeanMurphyWrites : Cap Out
Sean also took part in the 30 Day Writing Challenge so I automatically feel blog-nnected. Now he’s started writing some brilliant (and funny) bits of fiction, I’m hooked.

New Blog of the Week
FuckEating : Blah blah healthy stuff blah blah finding myself blah.
Alayna has just started a healthy eating blog. Normally I would switch off as soon as heard to words ‘juice diet’ but I’m up for this one because there’s realistic quitting and swear words involved – woo!

Idea of the Week
AWordOfSubstance : Paper
Alice writes a blog of ‘objectification at its best’. It’s rare you hear that word in a positive light but this blog certainly changed my perspective on it.

Tweet of the Week
Mitra Jouhari
She’s an improviser, writer, and actor living in Brooklyn. She’s hilarious, clever and feisty.

Best Reddit Thread
Childhood Misunderstandings
Hello world! I have just discovered Reddit! I may be a bit late to the scene but I am catching up fast. This thread (yeah, I know what a thread and a sub are now) is my favourite Reddit discovery so far.

Favourite FAQ
Mara Wilson’s website FAQ.
I  going to have to do exactly what she would not want me to do to explain… She played Matilda in the film a long time ago BUT now she does/writes a lot of interesting and amusing stuff. Follow her!

Favourite Article : What I Believe To Be True
So, I recently started writing about my experience of being brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness. As a result I started doing a bit of research and found this fantastic article. It’s a long un but a great ead if you’re interested in religion.

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