Tuesday’s Tiny Tale #8 – Rock, Paper, Scissors

Whenever there is any kind of argument in one of my classes, it’s solved with a game of ‘rock, paper, scissors’. Yet, however much the kids play it, I still can’t wrap my head around why any of it makes sense. Here’s what I reckon the objects think of it…


Rock, Paper and Scissors couldn’t agree who was right
When they discussed who would win if they had a fight

Paper was pompous about his intellectual value
He said ‘my potential for words would surely outdo you’

Scissors had a much more sadistic technique
She said ‘my sharp blades would make both of you shriek’

Rock was sensible and of a much calmer nature
He said ‘surely the winner has the strongest owner’

Paper and Scissors argued with Rock at length
They chorused ‘no human can harness our strength’

‘Prove it’ said Rock, in a voice ever so sly
The others were stumped and had no reply

They couldn’t snip or be read without a hand
All they could do was take a brave stand

After a while, the silence took its toll
So, Rock took a breath and started to roll

‘If you two don’t need help from a man
Quick, hurry up and catch me if you can’

And so, it was decided between the three things
No matter who plays, rock always wins

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