8 Reasons To Keep Your Day Job

When it comes to writing, if someone tells me that I better ‘keep my day job’ then they will promptly get a fist to the face or, more realistically, a villainous fictional character named after them.


Unfortunately, we live in a society where most people think that if you’re not getting paid for what you do then you can’t be any good at it. What’s even worse, is that mentality canpontagious. It can be painful getting paid little (or nothing) for the thing you love doing. It’s frustrating, down-heartening and downright stupid! (Excuse my personal feeling on the matter blatantly shining through.) However, it doesn’t last forever so here’s my reasons to enjoy your day job while you can.

1. Writing is still a treat
At some point, when you’re writing full-time, writing will feel like work. Right now, you can look forward to writing whenever you get a chance. It’s not the perfect situation but it’s not as bad as you think. Writing is the thing you look forward to after work, the dirty little secret on your lunch break. You and writing are still on your honeymoon in many ways, there’s no need rush ahead!

2. You don’t have to rely on your writing
For most of us, having writing as our full-time source of income would be a dream come true. However, most writing jobs don’t offer a steady salary. You may have to rely on the sales of your books or the amount of visitors your site can garner. There may be times when you have to submit work that you’re really not happy with or write pieces that you’re not interested in. Right now though, you have to freedom to write about whatever you want with out the pressure of it affecting your payslip. Enjoy it while you can!

3. Other people’s opinions don’t matter
Well… they do a bit. We are writers, of course, and the goal is to have someone read and enjoy reading our stuff. What I mean is, we don’t have to submit to every request of an editor, publisher or client. If we disagree with the feedback we get, we can ignore it! Whether that’s recommended is another matter completely.

4. You need a break
Both from manically mashing the keyboard to endless thinking about writing. As Eugène Ionesco said;

“A writer never has a vacation. For a writer, life consists of either writing, or thinking about writing.”

Think of your day job as an excuse to get away from the worry and pressure that you put on yourself. Yes, eeee it or not, your day job can be the ‘holiday’ you need from your writing work.

5. A little inspiration
As much as lots of us hate our day jobs, there is usually a story somewhere in there. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a fight to the death over a stapler or a emotional exchange over paperwork. We all know how dramatic office jobs, retail and customer service work can be. Not to mention the people! What better inspiration for characters than your crazy, hilarious, dreadful, wonderful colleagues and customers!? As they say, you just can’t make that stuff up.

6. Good ol’ exercise!
Now, be honest, how often would you leave of your cosy writing spot if you didn’t have a job to go to? I think I’d be melded to my chair in a state of semi-consciousness by now if I didn’t have my day job. In some ways that sounds wonderful. On the other hand, morbid obesity is not so great…

7. The last minute dash
I don’t know about you but on the days I have no work, I find myself getting nothing done. I can put writing off endlessly! Whereas, on the days I do have work, I’m constantly counting down how many hours I have left to write. The last hour before I have to go to work is usually the mad dash when I get the majority of my days work done. Fingers crossed we will all be responsible, schedule-savvy writers in the future. However, for now, some of us need that daily deadline of a day job to get stuff done!

8. You can play the wounded artist
Have sympathy on us poor under appreciated, a under-paid writers. Woe to us!
*Tears, complaining, breakdowns* Etc, etc, etc…
Enjoy it, people will have much less sympathy for your struggles when your a famous author ;)

So, in conclusion, enjoy that day job while you can! You might miss it one day…
Or, you might just be part of one of these cool infographics! Enjoy this fabulous one from Ninja Essays:


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