5 More Wonderful Alternative ToDo List

Recently I reviewed 5 alternative todo lists, from using elastic bands to framing your list. Since then, I’ve gone a little bit crazy for productivity apps and tips. So, here’s five shiny, new discoveries of how to keep organised. I owe the discovery of most of these to the wonderful Reddit productivity community – thank you! I recommend joining their network for daily advice and inspiration.


 1. Bullet Journal

Rating: 8/10
Best for: Old School Hand-Writers

Bullet Journal takes a little bit of time to get your head around. However, once you’ve got the hang of it, it’s fast and efficient. You can tell what stage your tasks are at just by simple symbols and you can also break down larger tasks into smaller, realistic chunks.

The main bonus of this todo technique is that it’s neatly stored away in a notebook. However, there’s none of the usual scribbles and mess that comes with ordinary handwritten todo lists. You also don’t need a laptop or WiFi to reach it, so there’s no excuse not to get things done.

2. Habitica

Credit: Habitica
Credit: Habitica

Rating: 7/10
Best for: Gamers and Procrastinators

This is definitely a love it or hate it app. If you like clean, professional-looking apps, this is not for you.  Habitica is for people who don’t like knowing that they’re actually doing work. This app manages to turn all your tasks into a game. There are levels, rewards and even electronic ‘death’ if you don’t do enough of your tasks. So, if you hate work that feels like work, try this gaming-inspired solution.

3. Monday App

Credit: Monday App
Credit: Monday App

Rating: 10/10
Best for: Calendar junkies

Monday App could be compared to many other calendar apps. In fact, there isn’t much difference from this to your average online calendar. However, it really has got simplicity down to a tee. There’s no distracting customisation or profiles, it’s just a daily todo list merged with a calendar. You can choose the weekly view or the monthly view, both of which give you the option to show or hide social events. You can also look at past dates to see what progress you made on what day. So, if you fancy refreshing your calendar, Monday App is a fine place to start.

4. Trello

Credit: Trello
Credit: Trello

Rating: 7/10
Best for: Sharers

Trello uses the Kanban system to logically separate your tasks into easy-to-digest chunks. You can customise and personalise the app if you want to, but it always looks simplistic and manageable. The best feature of this app is defintiely the fact you can share your ‘boards’. So, this app can be used for both personal task management as well as joint projects, without having to have two accounts.

5. Proud App

Credit: Proud
Credit: Proud

Rating: 9/10
Best for: Touch-Screen Users

I’ve been lucky enough to do some beta testing for the lovely Proud team and I already love the app. Like Bullet Journal, it takes a little bit of a learning curve to get used to but once you’ve got it, everything becomes so much quicker. You can do everything you want with a swipe of your finger, literally. Think Tindr and the 2048 game… but useful. You can schedule things for the day or future dates. In fact, you can even go as far  as scheduling whether to do things in the morning or afternoon. If you want fast, precise task managment then this is your app.

Proud is still in the testing stages of use but you can use the app by signing up as a beta tester and helping the team improve the app to the best it can be. However, you’ll quickly find, it’s pretty spot on already!

6 thoughts on “5 More Wonderful Alternative ToDo List

  1. I’d check out Dooster.net personally, thats what we are using at the moment… We were using Proud app in our office before hand and i have to say, not regretting the switch. Worth a look at least.

    On a personal level habatica looks quite good! might check it out for the home life.

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