[GP] 5 Stages of the Writer’s Twitter Break

This week, I’m lucky enough to hage a guest post from Lucy Mitchell, thriller writer and blog author of BlondeWriteMore.

If you’re a writer and you haven’t visited Lucy’s blog yet, you must! Her hilarious, wonderful and candid posts include tales of terrible feedback from loved ones, tips to get your creativity flowing and occassional agony aunt responses.

She has been kind enough to share her thoughts on a weakness of many writers: the Twitter Break!

Credit: BlondeWriteMore Twitter
Credit: BlondeWriteMore Twitter

5 Stages of the Writer’s Twitter Break

1. Awareness – You have been at it (writing) for several hours / half hour / a good ten minutes and you get the ‘Twitter urge’ – similar to itching a spot. Fingers start twitching and you take a couple of sharp breaths to try and ignore it. Just like an itchy spot you can’t ignore the ‘Twitter urge’ – you become aware of your desire for a Writer’s Twitter Break!

2. Justification – This stage is where you justify the need for a Writer’s Twitter Break. You will say the following things to yourself before you open up Twitter:

– I am writer and I need to interact with other writers.
– I need to grow my Twitter profile so that future publishers will love me.
– I have to tweet regularly. It’s written into my DNA
– I am interested to see what other writers are tweeting about / not tweeting about.
– I am writing in ten minute slots, after each ten minute slot I will have a Twitter break. Yea it really works for me, I get so focused….on my writing and Twitter – sigh!

3. Twitter Break – You open up Twitter and start to browse. It feels good. You check out some followers and then before you know it a good hour or so has passed. Where did that time go?

4. Denial – This stage is where a loved one or friend will comment on how many times you tweet during the day. They will say something like “it’s amazing how much you write and tweet during the day”. You will then launch into denial mode. You will say things like:

– Tweets are only 140 characters so it’s hardly brain taxing!
– You can write and tweet at the same time – amazing!
– You are growing a fan base
– You don’t tweet as much as they think and you are rarely on Twitter….(touch nose a lot as it starts to feel like it’s growing)

5. Relief – This stage is where you see that a couple of your tweets got re-tweeted, you got some favourites and some posts got a tweet or two. It was worth it! Your hour long Twitter break before lunch paid off.

In your head you congratulate yourself and pencil your next Twitter break in for mid afternoon!
Happy Tweeting writers!

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