6 Ways to Boost Your Creativity

Dont worry, I’m not going to tell you to go for a run or meditate or eat more vegetables – I wouldn’t do that to you! Here’s some alternative creativity boosts that work a treat for me.


1. Find the oldest playlist you’ve got

A few old songs are bound to get you thinking things and feelings things that you thought you’d forgotten all about. Reminisce over those embarrassing moments and treasured memories, do a bit of mental time travelling. For me, I find some classic Robbie Williams works a treat – don’t judge!

2. Get lost

As someone with absolutely no sense of direction, this is relatively easy. If you have a slightly better sense of geography, you might have to try a bit harder but it’s worth it! Once you’re in unknown territory you start to look around a bit more, notice new things and get ideas.

3. Watch kid’s films or read kid’s books

This is my guilty pleasure and advice for all situations. Kid’s stories do creativity best and they remind you of all the ridiculous ideas that can become plausible in art and fiction.

4. Find your creative o’clock

This tip is more of a long term fix but it’s useful. Basically, keep a log of what time you’re feeling particularly creative every day. If you find you’re particularly affected by certain foods, drinks or activities then log those down too. After a few days you’ll (hopefully) see a bit of a pattern and recognise the best time for you to work.

5. Play

To be creative you have to be relaxed. Stop cleaning the house and doing your bills, go and play whatever you love. Whether that’s a video game or throwing a stick for a dog, have a bit of fun.

6. Look at some of your old creations

If you have a previous project that you’re really proud of, have a look at it and remind yourself how good you are. For me, reading professional writer’s work can sometimes be disheartening before trying to be creative as I worry I’ll never live up to it. So remind yourself of your best work and tell yourself you can do even better!

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