20 Lessons Learnt in my Teens vs my Twenties

Every time I look at a photo from a few years ago or reminisc about old stories with friends, I realise how much we’ve changed in just a few years. I’m sure in a few more years, I’ll be noticing much more prominent changes between our twenties and thirties. But, for now I’m just going to share some of the amusing thoughts I had not so long ago.


1. I can do anything.
2. Leave people behind who don’t add to your life – no mercy!
3. I am invincible! I don’t need medicine or any of that nonsense.
4. Cleaning is a waste of time.
5. When I’m in my twenties I’m going to be so mature, I won’t make any more of these silly mistakes.
6. Relationships last if they’re ‘meant to be’.
7. If I bump into someone I haven’t seen in years, I want them to say; ‘Wow, she looks amazing!’
8. I can be friends with anyone and everyone!
9. I’m so oversensitive! I need to stop freaking out and crying all the time.
10. I don’t need no man, I’m an IN-DE-PEN-DENT WOMAAAN!
11. Fashion is an expression of your inner self!
12. There is nothing scarier than a job interview.
13. I’m willing to do whatever it take to get the job!
14. One day I will perfect the art of make-up.
15. If I make a big effort, that horrible person, who is occasionally nice to me, will end up being my BFF.
16. I give such great advice. How is that I can understand all these situations perfectly while being a complete outsider!?
17. You should always laugh at jokes even if you don’t find them funny.
18. Learning a second language is easy, just make an effort.
19. I hate being called boring, I must prove to people I’m fun!
20. If I don’t go to that party, I will miss so much.
21. Everyone at work is so professional and intelligent and intimidating.
22. If someone hurts my feelings, I need to make sure they absolutely know they’ve done wrong by giving them the cold shoulder.
23. Ugh, 23 is so old!
1. I can do anything but I can’t do everything.
2. Some people will leave me behind too.
3. Okay, sometimes I get sick…
4. Cleaning really is a waste of time but it does need to be done… Ocassionally.
5. I’m going to continue making mistakes forever, each more idiotic than the last.
6. Relationships last if you make them last.
7. If I bump into someone I haven’t seen in years, I want them to say; ‘She seems happy! … (and she looks pretty good too)’.
8. Relationships formed during my twenties:
2% – we should be friends! 28% – mm, acquaintances is fine. 70% – I’m extremely irritated by you and I have no idea why.
9. I’m sensitive, only other people’s opinions make it ‘oversensitive’.
10. I sure am independent woman! But boyfriends aren’t bad company either…
11. Fashion is primarily for comfort.
12. There is nothing scarier than realising; ‘This/That was ten years ago.’
13. I will send you a CV and cover letter, take it or leave it.
14. One day I might start wearing make-up again.
15. I really don’t want to be friends with horrible people.
16. I have given so much bad advice that I feel the need to ask people in the future to sign a waiver.
17. No one likes pity laughs.
18. Learning a language feels like my brain is being turned inside out on repeat.
19. Zero shits are given about being boring. Find someone else to do parkour and cocaine with, I am going to enjoy these chocolate buttons in peace.
20. If I don’t go to that party, I’ll relive it through the stories told for the next week anyway.
21. Everyone at work is winging it as much a I am.
22. If someone hurts my feelings, I will usually get over/forget it within 24 hours.
23. 23 is still young, right!? 

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