The ‘Writing Prime Time’ System

Not long ago I wrote a post about a few great ways to get creative. One of the techniques I came across was called the ‘biological prime time’, developed by Sam Carpenter in his book Work the System. He decided to log his productivity, focus and motivation throughout the day so that he could work out his most ‘productive time’.

Credit: Chris Bailey

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40 Things I’ve Learnt About Vietnam in the Last 6 Months

Not long ago, I wrote a list of all the things I’d learnt about Vietnam after a month. Some were simple, some were interesting and some were complete misinterpretations. This month will mark my ‘six month anniversary’ of living in Ha Noi, Vietnam, and hopefully a few more lessons learnt. So, here I go again, trying my best to work out this funny ol’ place…


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10 Reason to Read Children’s Books Instead of ‘Grown-Up’ Books by Isabelle Sudron

Nerdy Book Club

Some may think that you grow out of kid’s books as you get older. There are those that think they are predictable and unrealistic. There is even the notion that children’s books are not challenging enough for our big old brains. However, there are many of us that feel otherwise, myself being one them. Children’s fiction can be some of the most honest, witty and humbling stories you’ll ever read.

  1. They’re more intelligent

a wrinkle in timeIf you place a confusing, fictional situation in front of an adult, then they will immediately start to question things. How did she get from there to there? Why did he do that, when he could have done this? Surely, that isn’t possible?

Children, on the other hand, have big, fantastic imaginations with no limits, as do the books they read. If you place an unusual, fictional situation in front of them, it won’t take them…

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I Wasn’t Born with Wanderlust, Now I’ve Got the Bug

I never had wanderlust. I never had any desire to even leave the country at all – the UK, in my case. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go anywhere else. It wasn’t that I thought England was particularly amazing, I just couldn’t see how anywhere else could be any better.


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[GP] 5 Stages of the Writer’s Twitter Break

This week, I’m lucky enough to hage a guest post from Lucy Mitchell, thriller writer and blog author of BlondeWriteMore.

If you’re a writer and you haven’t visited Lucy’s blog yet, you must! Her hilarious, wonderful and candid posts include tales of terrible feedback from loved ones, tips to get your creativity flowing and occassional agony aunt responses.

She has been kind enough to share her thoughts on a weakness of many writers: the Twitter Break!

Credit: BlondeWriteMore Twitter
Credit: BlondeWriteMore Twitter

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5 More Wonderful Alternative ToDo List

Recently I reviewed 5 alternative todo lists, from using elastic bands to framing your list. Since then, I’ve gone a little bit crazy for productivity apps and tips. So, here’s five shiny, new discoveries of how to keep organised. I owe the discovery of most of these to the wonderful Reddit productivity community – thank you! I recommend joining their network for daily advice and inspiration.


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