[Teaching] Jimmy ESLimage

Jimmy ESL provides comprehensive, interesting and useful information for TEFL teachers all over the world.

[Teaching] The TEFL Academy


The TEFL Academy is the UK’s leading TEFL course provider. Their courses are designed to effectively teach students the fundamental skills to enable them to be successful at teaching English as a foreign language.

[Technology] It’s Somewhere


It’s Somewhere is devoted to returning lost photos and videos to the people they mean a lot to. I write blogs covering technology, security and travel.

[Entertainment] PopWrapped


PopWrapped consistently delivers the highest quality Pop-Culture and entertainment news with in-depth coverage and features from around the globe.

[Writing] Nerdy Book Club


Nerdy Book Club writes fun, intelligent and inspiring piece about books, especially those written for children and young adults.

[Religion] Taze


Taze is a news, lifestyle and entertainment website with a focus on Cults, Cult Survivors and Religion in General. I have written light-hearted pieces for them about my upbringing as a Jehovah’s Witness.

[Travel] Travelling On Peanuts


Travelling On Peanuts is a blog to help first time travellers save pennies where it counts. The travel blog is written by my partner and myself with various tips, advice and stories from our travels.


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