40 Things I’ve Learnt About Vietnam in the Last 6 Months

Not long ago, I wrote a list of all the things I’d learnt about Vietnam after a month. Some were simple, some were interesting and some were complete misinterpretations. This month will mark my ‘six month anniversary’ of living in Ha Noi, Vietnam, and hopefully a few more lessons learnt. So, here I go again, trying my best to work out this funny ol’ place…


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My Favourite Things About Vietnam

I’m in the early stages of my relationship with Vietnam. Things are still all beautiful and rosey, not a sign of a break-up in sight. I’d like to save these moments and the things I love about my new home town, so that when one of those inevitable I-hate-everything days comes along, I can remind myself why I’m here.


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How To Deal With Freak Weather In Vietnam Like A Local

Over the past month we’ve been having some pretty freaky weather, here in Vietnam. One day it will be swelteringly hot, the next day there will be a storm so bad that all the trees on your road fall down (literally). Yet, most locals do not seem to consider this to be ‘freak weather’. However, as someone who has grown up in a country where it rains pathetically for about 360 days of the year, I think this weather is pretty crazy. Here’s how to deal with it casually, like a local… image Continue reading “How To Deal With Freak Weather In Vietnam Like A Local”