NaNoWriMo WhaOnEaIsTh?
Roughly translated as: National Novel Writing Month, what on earth is that?
I suppose it seems pretty obvious now but it does have a somewhat mysterious shortened title.
For a little while I kept reading past this term blindly. I assumed it was just a fleeting writing term or a hip new author. However, it turns out it’s actually a really great idea with a terribly difficult to pronounce name.
Listen up if you’ve been thinking of writing a novel, or a book, or anything else that’s around 50,000 words. Hell, listen up even if you haven’t!  Now’s the time to jump into writing head first, fall in love with your own literary and have an intense relationship with your laptop/notebook/typewriter.
Sound appealing? You bet it does!
Word on the block (aka. a popular writing magazine) is that writers from all over the world will be writing for the full month of November. You sign up on a stylish and nonthreatening website (it’s turquoise and has cute cartoons in the logo). Then you fill in a little profile about yourself and your project, like a dating site for unwritten books but with less rejection. Finally – don’t forget this bit, it’s important – you write the living daylights out of your day/night/life/loved-ones-lives.
It may sound a bit intimidating at first, especially if you do the maths.
Squint and block out the next three lines now if you’d rather not know:
12,500 words a week
1,666 words a day
69 words an hour! (If you write in your sleep)
However, despite the seemingly overwhelming numbers, unrealistic targets and unusual timing, it apparently works. I’ve read endless success stories. Writers can’t stop talking about their success with NaNoWriMo and how much creative freedom it gives you. If you’re anything like me then the idea of unplanned, unedited work sound like a nightmare. However, there’s something about the solidarity of it all that makes it appealing.
Or maybe it’s the competition of it all.
Or honestly, maybe it’s just the speed of it all.
I’m not entirely sure what it is but I’ll find out… See you in a month and a half social life!