How To Procrastinate

Welcome one and all on (no doubt) your segway from productivity! If you’re desperate to procrastinate successfully – which I’m sure you are as you’re already on this site rather than working – then you’ve come to the right place. The good news is, you’re already making good progress by not working and reading this instead. Jolly good! Shall we start?


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Things I Think While I’m Trying To Write

This morning I got up really early, headed to a café and proceeded to write!

1. I should start writing.
2. All it takes is to start then I’ll be on my way.
3. What was that quote about just putting one word after another?
4. Now, all I can think about is quotes. Come on ideas, come to me!

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What kind of writer are you?

Remember the days when everyone was obsessed with online quizzes? They all had titles like ‘what animal are you?’ or ‘what kind of friend are you?’. Occasionally one pops up on my social newsfeed and I stifle the urge to fill it in and share it with my friends with the message ‘TTLY just got fox, U!?!? xoxo’. (If you’re going to go old-school then you might as well go the whole way with text talk…) Once in a whille I actually do the quiz and obviously believe the results no matter how sensible I insist am. I hope that’s not just me? Anyway, I decided to bring quizzes back with my own! It’s titled ‘what kind of writer are you?’ so technically it’s productive, right!? Enjoy and remember to keep track of how many A’s, B’s and C’s you get.

1. When it comes to writing you…
a) Procrastinate and do anything other than write.
b) Scribble down a few thoughts occasionally but have difficulty getting into full flow.
c) Get started and don’t stop until you’re done!

2. When choosing a place to write you…
a) Pick somewhere dark and cosy, a quick nap and some good dreams will help you generate ideas.
b) Go somewhere public so you can occasionally get distracted by people watching but also enjoy looking like your office is a café.
c) Find anywhere with a desk and quiet, that’s all you need to write.

3. When choosing writing ‘snacks’ you…
a) Pretty much cook a full meal in order to start writing and then prepare snacks for later.
b) Have a few sweet treats at hand to treat yourself every time you make progress.
c) Only eat brain food like peanuts or seeds, concentration is the key!

4. When planning your writing you…
a) Don’t plan at all, it suffocates your creative juices.
b) Make a loose plan with a few plot holes that you’ll sort out later.
c) Make an extremely structured plan with character/story arcs, plot twists, etc. Forget the fancy descriptions and quirky characters, planning is the key.

5. If you could change your writing style you would…
a) Stay exactly the same, you love writing whenever you feel like it – if it’s not fun, it’s not worth it.
b) Have a bit more drive or just get things done a bit faster.
c) Take it less seriously, it would be nice to let the ‘creative’ in you take control for a while.

6. When it comes to getting support from other writers you…
a) Don’t really need it, it’s a solitary sport.
b) Ask anyone and everyone for advice but are easily affected by negative feedback.
c) Are involved with various writers’ groups and societies and choose the feedback you act on very carefully.

7. When it comes to procrastinating you…
a) Don’t really call it ‘procrastinating’, you just get inspired!
b) May occasionally get distracted, occasionally being 50% of your writing time.
c) Don’t have much trouble, once you start writing you keep writing.

8. When you think of publishing you…
a) Don’t care, that’s not the point of writing.
b) Have a minor panic attack inside and start doing loads of research on other options.
c) Have it all worked out, you know your market, you target publishers and how you’ll pitch your project.

9. When writers you know do well you…
a) Are happy for them but not too bothered.
b) Are really jealous and start to panic about your own success.
c) Pick up your game – if they can do it, you can do it.

10. Do you believe…
a) You’ll probably be discovered as a famous writer after your dead.
b) You probably won’t be a famous author but you might sell your work to a few friends and small book shops.
c) You are realistic about your chances of getting published but you believe you could make it with hard work and dedication.

11. When it comes to editing your work…
a) There’s no need, the first draft is always the best.
b) You spend hours going back over your work and changing minor things.
c) You get a professional or someone you trust to do it.

12. When someone asks you what you do…
a) You say you’re a writer, if you believe you’re a writer then you are one!
b) You don’t bother mentioning writing unless they’re a close friend, it’ll be embarrassing when they start asking more questions.
c) You call yourself an aspiring writer, you never know who may be able to help you out.



Mostly A’s – The Free Spirit

You’re the hippy of writing, you write when you want, how you want and why you want. It’s all about feeling and purpose for you, if it makes a point or receives a response then it’s done the job. Your work doesn’t necessarily have to be structured or linear to make a strong point and you don’t need approval of the masses to know your work is good. You don’t look to edit and improve your work, you like it in its most natural, original state. The only place you could use a little more structure is when it comes to scheduling writing time and motivating yourself to write!

Half A’s, Half, B’s – Mr/Ms Confused

You’ve got the planning style of the free-spirit and the nervous tendencies of the worrier. You’ll work best if you put your foot down and choose to be one or the other. Either let loose and go with the flow in all aspects of your writing or get serious and start asking for feedback and advice.

Mostly B’s – The Worrier

You are a modest and down-to-earth writer with great respect for the occupation. However, you don’t seem to consider yourself up to par to deserve the title. You’re great at asking for and receiving feedback but you take every piece of advice you get rather than picking the best bits. You need a bit more confidence in yourself and to learn to take control of what you think is best, no matter what others say!

Half B’s, Half C’s – The Modest High Achiever

You’re a dedicated, determined writer like ‘The Goodie Goodie’ but you don’t give yourself enough credit, like ‘The Worrier’. Take pride in your good qualities and don’t let the bad ‘uns get to you!

Mostly C’s – The Goodie Goodie

You were the kid at school that did all your homework, got the top marks on tests and won most competitions. These skills have not gone to waste in later life and you are putting your determination to use in your writing. Your plots are sturdy and sound and your characters are well designed. The only area where you may be lacking is the ‘creative’ factor. With a little bit more flexibility and imagination you may find your stories less predictable and more fun – you may even enjoy writing a bit more too!

Half A’s, Half C’s – The Loopy Lou
You’re not so easy to categorise, your determination changes massively with your mood. Once you find the formula to motivating yourself to write (whether it be cheesecake, vanilla candles or a particularly nice chair) stick with it!