Reasons To Stay in Seoul Forever (or at least a week…)

Grand plans of spending two weeks exploring South Korea quickly became spending two weeks entirely in Seoul… for all the right reasons.


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Terribly Basic Travel Tips for Taiwan

After three weeks in Taiwan, I can confirm that I love it. I found even the simplest of activities thrilling here, so beware (as the title of this blog forewarns) my tips are as simple as can be!


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Goodbye Vietnam!

Today is my last day in Vietnam! I’ll be leaving hectic Hanoi and heading back to the homeland. Somehow, a casual ‘let’s go on an extended holiday in Asia’ turned into ‘let’s go live in Vietnam and get a job and apartment and motorbike and friends and many other much more long-term stuff…’ I genuinely don’t know how it happened, but I’m glad it did.


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I Wasn’t Born with Wanderlust, Now I’ve Got the Bug

I never had wanderlust. I never had any desire to even leave the country at all – the UK, in my case. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go anywhere else. It wasn’t that I thought England was particularly amazing, I just couldn’t see how anywhere else could be any better.


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Flights, Freak Outs and Visa Runs in Vietnam

So, today was my first visa run for Vietnam. Originally, I intended to use my experience to write a very helpful blog on what the best ways to get a visa in Vietnam are. However, after my disastrous day I’ve decided that I’m absolutely not qualified to be giving tips! Sooo, instead I’m going to tell you what not to do and hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes as me.


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How To Deal With Freak Weather In Vietnam Like A Local

Over the past month we’ve been having some pretty freaky weather, here in Vietnam. One day it will be swelteringly hot, the next day there will be a storm so bad that all the trees on your road fall down (literally). Yet, most locals do not seem to consider this to be ‘freak weather’. However, as someone who has grown up in a country where it rains pathetically for about 360 days of the year, I think this weather is pretty crazy. Here’s how to deal with it casually, like a local… image Continue reading “How To Deal With Freak Weather In Vietnam Like A Local”