Returning Home After A Year Abroad

Going home after a year of travelling and living abroad is a strange feeling. Every film I’ve ever watched told me that I was meant to feel a surge of emotions, a burst of awareness and an eye-opening epiphany about life. I expected to rush off the plane at Heathrow and smell the fresh English air, dive on the tube with a new-found love of commuting (theatrically spinning around handrails, of course) and see the streets of London with wide, open eyes.


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10 Ways to Drink Coffee in Vietnam

It may not seen like the New York of coffee shops or the Kenya of ground coffee but Vietnam is a strong contender for having some of the best coffee in the world. At the very least, it offers one of the widest varieties of unusual and interesting ways to consume your caffeine.


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I Wasn’t Born with Wanderlust, Now I’ve Got the Bug

I never had wanderlust. I never had any desire to even leave the country at all – the UK, in my case. I couldn’t understand why anyone would want to go anywhere else. It wasn’t that I thought England was particularly amazing, I just couldn’t see how anywhere else could be any better.


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