5 Things You Must Ask Your Protagonist

Creating a protagonist comes with all sorts of frustration and confusion. As the author of our characters, we often feel that we know exactly who they are without having to explicitly state the facts. We seem to think that every quirk and nuance of our character simply eminates from the page without any effort. #TruthBomb – Err, not so much!


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The Best #TenThingsNotToSayToAWriter

Let me be straight with you… If you’re not a writer, your safest bet is to not say anything about writing to a writer. If you are a writer, there’s no hope really… We all know we’re going to accidentally bruise each other’s egos, whatever we say! However, these are some absolute gems of what NOT to say to a writer.


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The 10 Stages of Finishing the First Draft

Yesterday I finished the first draft of a children’s book that I have been writing for well over a year! Technically, this is ‘draft 11’ but every time I’ve got to the final few chapters I’ve freaked out and started all over again. But this time, I can finally present my first complete draft. Hurrah! I have been waiting for this moment for months, just imagining how it would feel. However, when it finally came, it was not what I expected…


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A Letter From Secondary Character To Main Character

Dear MC,

Quite honestly, we’re fed up of your shit! You’ve taken advantage of us for long enough. We’ve been putting up with your drama for one-hundred-and-thirteen pages and we just can’t take it anymore. We’re characters too and we all have lives of our own. However, due to your greedy possession of the plot, these lives cease to exist, literally. Here’s a list of our discrepancies:

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Tuesday’s Tiny Tale #7 – Drifting

Hester started rising when she was 21-years-old.

At first, she wasn’t sure, she thought it was just clumsiness. She would try to slip her foot into her shoe and miss completely, skimming right over the top of it. She would try to kick things out of her path and miss, flying right above like she’d spontaneously grown. She would walk up stairs and somehow miss two steps completely. The last straw, though, was when she ran straight over a huge pothole, without missing a beat.

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18 Gifts for Writers and Readers (Hint Hint)

So, today I got into a bit of an online shopping rut. The only way I could pry myself away was to blog about it. That way, I would feel that I earned the right to treat myself to one of the items at the end of the day… Clever right? ;) Now, let’s all pretend that we’re looking at these presents for someone else, rather than for ourselves.


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Why I Write

It’s been my goal to write every day for the last month and a half. I keep a list of story ideas, blog titles and thoughts so that I’ve got something to start from. However, once in a while (more often than not, actually), I look at the list and my brain short-circuits. I don’t know why I’m writing or if I should bother. Today’s one of those days and I want to use it to remind myself why I write.


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