How To Procrastinate

Welcome one and all on (no doubt) your segway from productivity! If you’re desperate to procrastinate successfully – which I’m sure you are as you’re already on this site rather than working – then you’ve come to the right place. The good news is, you’re already making good progress by not working and reading this instead. Jolly good! Shall we start?


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How to Make a Writing Nook

Recently I’ve noticed loads of articles about how to make a ‘reading nook‘. As lovely as they all are, I just can’t see the point. I could read upside down on a busy playground’s monkey bars if I wanted to. If it’s a good book, nothing can stop me! On the other hand, finding the perfect writing spot is a different matter…


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[GP] 5 Essential Tips for Writers to Organize A Perfect Workplace

If, like me, you have trouble trying to harness your writing creativity within an organized workspace, today you are in luck! OmniPapers have been kind enough to share some fantastic tips on how to set up a comfortable and productive writing spot, not to mention a nifty infographic too! Over to you OmniPapers…



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The ‘Writing Prime Time’ System

Not long ago I wrote a post about a few great ways to get creative. One of the techniques I came across was called the ‘biological prime time’, developed by Sam Carpenter in his book Work the System. He decided to log his productivity, focus and motivation throughout the day so that he could work out his most ‘productive time’.

Credit: Chris Bailey

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Don’t Break The Chain

I’ve decided to have a go at a new kind of writing motivation (yet another, I could make a book of these!) and I’ve settled on Jerry Seinfeld’s ‘Don’t Break The Chain’ technique. Basically, he prints out a huge calendar and draws a big red ‘X’ across every calendar day that he manages to writes on. Eventually those X’s begin to look like a chain and it would be pretty unsatisfying to break the chain, right?

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